Wednesday, March 26, 2008


i'm struggling to get the video figured out... so will do that asap so ya'll will know what i'm talking about in my blog!

in other news, sara would like me to give a little shout out to let everyone know that she's just recently posted after a few month hiatus from writing. so czech her out!

bus ride sing-a-long

this beauty of a video was shot last sunday on our way home from brno, cz. it was our second last game of the year and with the 6-0 victory (kudos to sara on yet another shut out) we clinched the czech league title.

it also happened to be easter sunday and our trainer, milo, pulled out some classic english music, including quite a few popular and christian songs that we just happened to know. fancy that! we quite enjoyed singing along - we, being the operative term and only including sara, jackie and i. the rest of our team didn't so much like the tunes coming out over the loudspeaker. so, what happened was, the girls began to try and drown out the music and sing their own song louder than the one being played. needless to say, it was quite funny.

check out the dude without any hair singing along with the girls. he's pretty much our super fan. he lives and breathes slavia women's hockey. i so wish i had footage of him cheering in the stands because it's so funny that i can't watch or else i start busting a gut on the bench.

this weekend is our last game of the season, against brno as well, but out in kralupy at our home ice. afterwards we have a team wind-up/party which will start with bowling and i'm sure progress in hilarity as we go.

it's been so amazing to live in this country and play with this team this year. i consider myself extremely blessed... it's been hard at times, but so rewarding as well. god has been present through the tough stuff with hockey and life here, and it's been amazing to see him work through it all - in myself and in others - and to see how he works all things for good!

can't wait for next year!!