Friday, July 11, 2008

visa update

travel plans have changed in the past week... especially after a conversation with the czech consulate in toronto. after losing one passport in the mail, jackie and i have both had to re-apply for not only a passport but re-submit our applications to the czech foreign police as well.

because of that we won't be able to leave on our scheduled dates and now will be flying out on august 1st. no "jagr team" camp for us, which is pretty disappointing! it would have been awesome to work at a hockey camp run by czech's very own hockey celebrity, jaromir. maybe next year!

you could keep our applications in your prayers as we trust in the lord for his timing on this... whether it's what we'd planned or not. god's got this and we know things will go according to his good and perfect plan. please pray for the details to come together so we can make it to prague in time for training camp as well as patience for us during the next 3 weeks.

the good thing is - we do get to spend more time with our families and friends before we leave. definitely a blessing! god is good :)