Wednesday, October 3, 2007

naked is normal

so we had a bit of a new experience yesterday. instead of a full practice we had half a practice, which was great fun, and then headed over to the sauna for a little lactic-acid removal. we entered this change room-type area where all the girls removed all their clothing and headed into the showers. the door to the sauna then opened, everyone dropped their towels, and there we were, sitting with half the neighbourhood (all female, thank the Lord). jackie and i looked at each other and bust out laughing. it was just one of those moments. there were ladies there, out for an evening at the sauna, socializing and chatting with their friends. for some reason, i don't think a sauna of this type would fly in canada. us canucks did bring our bathing suits with, but were told not to wear them. haha. we're making an effort to fit in, i guess. what's normal to them, hmmm, not so normal to us.


Anonymous said...

I had a friend tell me that there are some saunas that are so hot that if you had clothes on, they could burn your skin. I'm glad you are having a blast and fitting into the the local customs as awkward as they are. Peace. Graeme.

Craig & Leah in Korea said...

Love it!! i remember my first sauna with the Russians in Estonia back in '97 - you just gotta burst out laughing! now in Asia the saunas are the same. I think us shy-Canadians are missing out by wearing bathing suits all the time! i've never felt so clean as I do after a naked sauna!
Love your stories Chels. Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...