Friday, January 4, 2008

home is full

i say those words because my time at home has not just been full of things to do, places to go and people to see. home has been full because my heart is full and i am ready to head back to the czech republic. to my friends and teammates that i've truly missed over the holidays, i am looking forward to connecting with them again so much.

i got to spend almost five days with jordan and just over a week with jody. both were way to short, but such a rich time that i'm trying to feel satisfied with that. it's amazing how as we get older we become friends and parting becomes so difficult. it's hard to remember the time when our days were filled with playing and fighting, but mostly fighting. it's amazing my parents made it through all of that without being severely scarred. or maybe they are and we just haven't realized it yet. we'll hope for the former!

another highlight of the holidays was having the Czech Under-18 team at my house for a meal, with Jackie, Sara and I sharing the billeting duties among the 21 players. it was so cool to see these familiar faces walk off the bus and into our city. i am so thankul that the Lord has led me to the CZ and that i am a part of the lives of these people. i am thankful too, that my parents got to meet my coach, karel, as he was here on the coaching staff with the u-18 team. it felt great to speak czech again and makes me excited to get back to class and conversations with teammates.

it's been wonderful to see so many people while at home. i marvel at god's goodness and how his plans are so perfect. he is continually blowing my mind.

blessings to everyone in the new year! looking forward to staying in touch.


chelsa :)