Saturday, February 16, 2008

tongues out

jacks and i hit the ice tonite against the czech national team. the cz girls are having a weekend training camp for the upcoming world championships in march, held in latvia. lucky us, we got to play today and will also tomorrow against the cz team (made up mostly of our teammates from hc slavia).

there were a few highlights on the night, but i think i summed it up best when i gave sara the 411 on the phone: we lost 2-0, jacks played defence, and i went "tongues out". FUN.

czech out the pic below!

i'm also posting a picture of martina and i that we took after practice during my visit to slovakia. the next pic includes a few of her christian teammtes.


Sarah said...

dude, hadn't czeched (haha) out the blog in a while cause i switched comps after christmas and lost the link...but after a little googling i relocated it and i'm back in action - and tongues out is a fave!! lol almost as good as a "tongues out, suspenders out" practice...if you can recall sarah in the purple and yellow and green gear lol

love you sis!

Anonymous said...