Wednesday, November 10, 2010

life is good... life is good

lately i've been really thankful for my life... there is so much that makes me joyful. you never know when life is going to change... so i wanna enjoy exactly where i'm at right now. and i do have the ultimate source of joy - jesus - but in that i still have a choice. and too often i choose to be stressed, tired and restless instead of peaceful, rested and content in my savior. because joy ain't in circumstances, people! ..."to live is christ, to die is gain"... paul knew what was up. he chose joy even when he was in prison and persecuted - he had NOTHING by the world's standards. in truth, he had EVERYTHING because he had jesus. wootwoot for that!

i'm gonna jazz it up a little today... with some pics. i rarely post any, but thought a little change up might be in order. yay for great people and great experiences. life is so good!

this is in slovakia with some of my gals! i'll be hanging out with them very soon. :)

my slovak sister... martina. jesus made us friends for many reasons.

my wonderful fam. love them!

one of my best friends... miss my bro.

fuuuun gals from my former life... v praze. good times with sonj and schades!

sissy. miss her. a lot.

bestie. can't imagine life without this gal. friendships like this are testaments to god's grace!

i have a ridiculous amount of extremely high quality girlfriends in my life. seriously, it's ridiculous. and i love it. community is wonderful.

mom. :)

dad. gotta love that stash!

GIGGLE! (missing one!)

there she is!

and soon i'll be back here... in czech!

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love these pics sissy. you are presh. looking forward to being with you real soon :)