Sunday, December 12, 2010

euro update

we arrived safely to prague this morning, after a 7 hour journey from martin, slovakia. we had a wonderful week with the slovak girls. my tired mind can't do it justice at this point so i will leave it at that.

i just wanted to stop by and say thanks to all of you for praying. we feel so supported over here, despite the hiccups we've had along the way (mostly with travel stuff... another blog post with be forthcoming).

tomorrow we head to billy and adrianne crossan's - long term missionaries in prague with athletes in action. we'll be teaching english class at the sport university tomorrow night and tuesday afternoon.

i got to see a good friend at church tonight, which was wonderful! we chatted over dinner and got caught up. it only took us about 3 hours! :)

this city is so wonderful. i never get tired of the sights and sounds (only the smells... ewwww), but i can put up with that if it means i'm here!

will check in again... maybe from the canadian side of things. but wanted to say 'hi'.


2 comments: said...

i know you're loving and serving well over there. keep at it, enjoy your last day and everything the lord has for you.

mattyCA$H said...

your blog is super rad, i love to travel.. infact if i stay in one place for too long i get antsy.. prague was prolly amazing. hope you have a rad time in the next city.. check my blog out sometime for some good music, art, fixies, custom shoes,travel, ect! keep traveling and keep writing!