Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Musings

after over a 2 month hiatus, i would like to return with something i wrote on easter friday, good friday, that is... also known as the day we killed god. thankfully, god defeat death on easter sunday and therefore we also have life!
Today is a reminder of what you did for us, Jesus. We remember how you endured pain, humiliation, scorn and abuse, all for us - for grace - and to honor your father and complete his will. This day in history changed my life forever. God, you called me to yourself and the only reason I could come was because of the irresistible grace of Christ and his cross. I think back on that day and my waking mind cannot conjure up an appropriate measure of the atrocities of that day. I see you there, upon the cross, bloodied and bruised, mangled flesh and tanged hair, and somehow you see me. You look down and connect your yes to mine. Through your pain your voice is strong. You say, "I love you, I'm doing this for you." My mind cannot comprehend the weight of these words and I fall to my knees at your cross. In my brokenness I feel freedom. In humility, I will live in this position. I will live in joy. Knees on the ground, heart inclined to you, knowledge that you are the only one that can do it - that you can bear my sin and make me right with God. Jesus, you paid everything, and yet I owe you nothing.

This, indeed, is grace.

And this is love.

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