Wednesday, November 9, 2011

midnight moon

the moon's luminescent as i gaze to the stars
i think to myself that the sun must be bright
on the other side of the world,
to bring that great light.

is it that same bright moon
that will shine upon your face
crunching through the snow,
i know its only by his grace.

when you look up to the moon
do you know the father's love
the snow beneath your feet,
a symbol of the dove.

washed clean and ever pure
regardless of the act
the things done in our sin
that would break any human pact.

but we live by the father,
he dictates what's our kingdom.

he reigns in the stars,
if we'd only look above
we'd see the moon, his glory,
and know the father's love.

light always wins through darkness
it cuts right through to the core.
even if you try to hide
you'll love HIM more than before.

a random poem. thankful for the moon, and contemplation, on a midnight walk.

this is day 17.

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