Saturday, May 26, 2012

sick on a corner

i wish our eyes had never met.

 most often my posts revolve love from my Father, heartbreak from a guy, contemplations on ideas or adventures overseas... but tonight, i only wish that what is in my mind was the hypothetical. i'm filled with disgust instead at a reality that most surely exists.

we stood on the corner as he dropped her off. she got out of the old, decaying van with that old, whitened man and re-adjusted her boots and her jacket. her face was blank, lifeless, unfeeling; a person, but maybe just a shell. that's why we were there, to help and pray for souls like hers, but thinking about HIS. no. i wanted to exact revenge, to put him through what he put her through. but really, i didn't. i don't. i wouldn't want to go anywhere near him.

predator. we glamourize films, and love and lust and pleasure and porn. anything goes in our day and age. and we wonder why families are broken, children abused and neglected, and babies are aborted. how can we really be surprised that the attractive looking sex of films we see doesn't exist; in reality control, power, perversion, abuse, and violation are the real-life version. we are deceived.

he drove away menacingly, staring unwaveringly at us. i met his eyes. i wish i hadn't. he's sick. his mind is corrupted to the sickest degree by the perversion and lust of the flesh. he's a victim to his own desires. we condemn this, but we don't condemn that. reality versus illusion. a gross exterior versus the lies of fading vanity. if it's in a nice package, in the privacy of your home, not hurting anyone, it's okay. lust hurts EVERYONE.

he took a piece of her with him tonight, that she'll never get back. she gave him that part, at least, she gave him a faction of the person inside her shell. does he know that he'll have AIDS from his pleasured-pursuit? does he care about her little boy, so precious and innocent? i know him. i know that little boy. she'll never get to have him. her reality is that it's all almost over. i feel disgust at him.

he's a predator, he's sick. he's encouraged to be both by our society.

 and yet god still loves him.

mind = blown

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