Wednesday, September 12, 2007

big win

we had our fifth regular season game tonite. so far we're 5-0. our big win came against Slovan out of Bratislava. it was a 3-0 win, with Sara getting the shut out. the girls were pretty excited after the game. last year Slavia was unable to get a victory over Slovan so tonite was great. we play them again next wednesday, so i'm sure it'll be another battle. it was a much better game than the previous ones we've had. we actually spent some time in our defensive zone and us defense got a better workout.

we still don't have a car, so we've been getting a ride out to Kralupy (50kms... our home ice) with coach Karel. i'm 100% convinced that he doesn't want us to get a vehicle, because as soon as we get into the car after practice or a game, he's asking us what we thought of either practice or training. it's tough to say much beyond 'good', 'bad', 'okay', etc. though our hockey vocabularies are steadily growing. it's evident that Karel is pretty excited to have us here and not only that, to get our input on the game and let us influence things here. it's a pretty cool situation to be in. he wants us to shoot when we enter the offensive zone, as opposed to making 100 passes to produce a 'beautiful' goal. i think he is a unique czech in this.

i'm only working 2 days a week, for 6 hours a day, which is awesome. i'm staying out of the real world as LONG as possible! haha. i'm starting to enjoy it, slowly but surely as i get to know the kids. it's a nursery school for kids aged 3-6. they don't speak much english, but understand some. they're starting to grow on me and i'm becoming less scary to them as a non-Czech speaker. but i'm learning from them too, which is sweet. i'll start to write some of the happenings of the Uhonice Skola for your reading enjoyment... this is a different culture on many levels.

the AIA crew is out of town this weekend for a conference just outside Prague, so it's a bit quieter here. it's been awesome to immediately have a family away from home. such a sweet thing about God's family. love it. we're heading to a bible study tomorrow night with some Americans we met last week, who happen to know the AIA crew. i love "coincidences". God is good and i'm enjoying the peace of knowing that this is where i'm supposed to be.

i'll sign off for now and look forward to talking to ya'll (as my American friends would say) very soon.



.jeremy. said...

sounds like a sweet time is being had so far. how long are you gone for?

Chelsa said...

until feb/march, depending on how the team does in playoffs and how much travelling i do afterwards. it would seem a shame not to cruise around here for a bit, seeing as i'm already over here!

are you a blogger? how can i add your page to my blog, if possible?

Anonymous said...