Friday, September 14, 2007

we need prayer!

today was a tough day. we thought we were going to get our car, as we had been told yesterday that today was likely the day, but alas, we were left disappointed. we really need wisdom right now because we still do not have our contract signed, we don't have our car, as previously mentioned, nor a washing machine, metro pass, cel phones, or many other things that we've been promised. the biggest thing is the contract. we're debating how to play this out right now, so if you could pray for wisdom for us, that would truly be awesome.

other than that, things are good. today we spent a few hours walking around downtown prague and looking for shoes for jackie. her size 11 feet are a little hard to find shoes for, so we're still on the hunt for the perfect pair. we had practice tonight too and have two games this weekend. tomorrow we play Budapest, Hungary and sunday is a czech league game. i can't remember the name of the team we play, but it'll be another day trip.

in other news, i'm adjusting to the smell of body odour that we cannot escape from as regular frequenters of the metro and public transportation systems. it really baffles me that men and women who smell like this can get married, go to work, feel comfortable in public, not to mention exist in their own skin without wondering what the wonky smell is that's constantly following them. another interesting thing about prague is that there are dogs everywhere. everyone has a dog. they go on the metro and the bus, and they're often not on leashes. but they're very well behaved and stick with their owners. they don't even bark at us when we walk by. the only downside is the constant presense of poo on the sidewalks. though the evening garbage collectors and sidewalk washers seem to take care of those little nasty piles during the nighttime. unfortunately, i was woken this morning by these very people.

if you'd like to learn some czech, read this portion. if not, skip to the next paragraph. the word for the day is "dobry". it means, good, good job, well, etc. it can be used in pretty much every situation, and believe me, we do. there are many different endings for the word, depending on the context in which it is used. naturally, we have no idea how these endings work, so we just say whatever we feel like. the czechs understand. sometimes it's dobre, dobra, dobja... etc. we're trying, we just keep telling ourselves this.

anyways, i'll cut the rambling. thanks for your prayers and i'll write again at the next opportunity. ahoj :)