Tuesday, September 23, 2008


last week the lord, in a few different ways, impressed upon my heart the stark and simple truth of the following sentence:

Jesus is all i have.

way too often i get caught up in the DOING of my faith and forget that as much as that has value, the only thing i have to cling to is jesus. there's nothing i've done in my past that anything i do in my future can erase. there's no way that on my 'best behavior' for the rest of my life i'll measure up to anything even remotely close to being worthy of the lord's presence.

there's no do that is required of me, just YES. will i say YES to jesus today? will i say yes to spending time with him? to knowing him more? to opening up ALL of me to let him have even the parts of me that are so ugly i can hardly bare to let them show? will i say YES when he asks me to give up something i don't want to give up?

if jesus is all i have... if he's the way, truth and life... if there's no relationship with god without him... why do i think i can earn my way into anything?

jesus came that we might have life and have it to the fullest. when i simplify my thoughts about life and remember that

Jesus is all i have,

life seems so much less overwhelming, so much more do-able and my problems seem small in comparison to what he's already done for me. i feel able to approach the throne of the lord, still trembling, but knowing that he sees christ where there is really only a sinner.

it's not about what you do... it's not about being a better person and living a good life... it's about accepting christ everyday and living in the freedom of what's he's already done.