Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i don't know what's with me lately... but i've blogged more in the past week than i did the past two months! maybe there's just so much to think about that i feel like writing it all down. or rambling it all down. sometimes that's the best way to think... rambling. then some poor, unfortunate soul gets to read your inner workings from the convenience of their home, office, blackberry??

did anyone watch nadal defeat roger (yes, we're on a first name basis) today for the australian open? i was definitely crying with roger during the award ceremony. what a guy. or hear about kobe's 61 points last night? ridiculous. maybe if both teams played some defense, that wouldn't be possible!

recently i ventured through the city with some friends, returning solo to my flat via tram. a few things cracked me up. firstly, there were only a few people on the tram to begin with, one of which was a girl sitting kitty-corner from me. apparently she was oblivious to the fact that i was sitting right there. unlike her oblivity, i was keenly aware of the fact that she was checking herself out in the dark, reflective glass in front of her. she wasn't just checking for food between her teeth, she was puckering, making model faces, adjusting her hat. i almost lost it. almost as tragic as her modelling was the fact that i had no one to laugh with. so i laughed alone. maybe we were a pair of crazies after all. a few stops later, a guy enters the tram and chooses the spot RIGHT BESIDE me, despite the fact that the tram is at this point basically empty. sits down, makes himself comfortable, doesn't think anything of it. i mean, maybe he was just seeking a little bit of companionship...? either way, also hilarious, though somewhat uncomfortable at the same time.

tonite i went to see a movie - it was horribly depressing, btw - with leo and kate. unlike their last cinematic duet, this one was not so heroic or romantic. it was highly disappointing, but not because leo and kate didn't do a great job, but just because their on-screen chemistry was wasted on an all around negative story. i guess i'm not a realist when it comes to movies, but i really prefer the escapism of fantasy, romance, the totally unrealistic films of the day. on that note, go see twilight... it's a no-miss!

it's midnight now and my mind is still going 100kms an hour...

...maybe i shouldn't have had that espresso post-movie after all.


Jill Slywka said...

i'm loving all the blogs lately! it's nice to be kept up to date!

okay, i'm definitely coming to visit you, if it works out! when will you be in prague until? i'm so excited about this possibility!

by the way, have you decided about where you're going to be next year?

Chelsa in Czech said...

yipee! i'll be in prague until the end of june. we have a short term project here until the 25th, so i'll likely fly home a few days after that. do you know the dates for estonia yet??

i'll be here again next year. see what happens in one more year and we'll go from there. :)

Anonymous said...