Friday, February 20, 2009

end of ewhl

this is a big hockey weekend for hc slavia praha. we play the remaing two games of our ewhl season this weekend. croatia is making the drive to prague in what will be the ewhl clinching battle of the season. oh waaaaait. croatia still has no wins in their season, so the next two games will strictly be a formality. we'll still get to play, but it's never the same when you know you're going to win. it's kind of sad, actually!

after this weekend we have the national final series with Kladno (home of czech's own beloved hero, jaromir jagr) in a best of 7. the 4th game will be on march 8th, so that's when i'm pretty sure our season will end. we've heard down the hockey grapevine that kladno is stacking their team with girls from other teams who've already lost out. i really hope so, because that would make the games a lot more fun! maybe they'll even take one from us (you know it's bad when you're hoping the other team will win a game to make things interesting!).

last weekend the team headed to slovenia for our last road trip of the season. i stayed home, as i had the flu and ralph just wouldn't go away. it was a restful day at home, though i hardly remember it as i slept until noon, napped in the afternoon, and then went to bed early. i guess that's pretty strong confirmation you're sick!

the end of this month will bring some visitors to prague. ashley dejaegher, a former teammate with the cougs and good friend of arielle's, is coming to visit for a month and a half. she'll be taking off on some euro adventures during that time, too. next saturday jackie's brother, jarret, is coming for a week which will be intersected with the arrival of jackie's parents. i'm SO looking forward to having some parents around to hang out with! ;)

mom and dad... you can always make a last minute trip!!


Sarah B. said...

just got inspired by your cute little blog and decided to spruce mine up a bit! also mildly inspired to maybe write on it once in a while??

Jody Lee said...

wish i was coming sis!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were a blogger my friend! I'm super excited to be able to read up on your life activities and feelings. I miss you and think of you often friend. When are you coming home?


Jody Lee said...

I want more BLOGGING sister!!!! why the silence these days? i know there's stuff movin and shakin in Prague!

Anonymous said...